As in a theater the stage is divided from the stalls, so Sipario, the modular wall by Nardi, allows to separate private from public outdoor space.

Sipario was created to respond to the need to live in an outdoor environment also in the urban area and is produced using a recycled and recyclable material.
The colour, a slightly mottled brown, and the matt finish allow the harmonious insertion of the wall into the urban and natural landscape. The shape of the structural elements is rounded and without edges, easy to clean and pleasant to the touch.
The wide mesh elements are modular in all directions enabling an extreme composition variety, allowing the creation of walls of different heights and shapes.
The snap clamp, easy and safe, allows an easy assembly and disassembly without screws. The planter fits inside the module ensuring stability to the wall and allows to place and grow ornamental plants increasing the visual shielding.
The planter is self-watering, includes a tank and is equipped with a clearly visible floater to signal the water level. The system is completely removable, stackable and very space saving.