“Folio is like a sheet of paper, flexible when stretched and rigid when folded: a great origami on which to sit to enjoy the open space”

Folio is an innovative relaxing armchair, adjusting to two positions, designed for outdoor use. Made of recyclable fiberglass resin, it is available with a fixed base and a footrest, or in a rocking version. The large structure of the armchair is made from a single perforated sheet (hence the name in Italian) of resin, decorated with a square pattern. It has an expertly curved design that allows movement between the seat and back, exploiting the flexibility of the material without requiring any linking or rotating elements.
Folio’s movement mechanism is the result of longterm research into design and engineering regarding the elastic properties of fiberglass resin. Thanks to a simple user-friendly mechanism, the back can be adjusted to two positions with extreme comfort and ease. Cutting-edge technical solutions have been designed to create a patented mini manual dual push-button mechanism, concealed inside the armrests, which moves the back to the two adjustment positions.