The Power of Stone

Curatore e designer
Raffaello Galiotto



Adi, Alliance of Stone – Euro Porfidi, Antolini, Cave Gamba, Ddx, Digma, Donatoni Macchine, Fratelli Lizzio, Gmm, Gruppo Tosco Marmi, Helios Automazioni, Henraux, Intermac, La Quadrifoglio Marmi e Graniti, Licom Systems, Margraf, Marini Marmi, Marmi Strada, Marmo Zandobbio, Nicolai Diamant, Omag, Pellegrini Meccanica, Piero Zanella, Prussiani Engineering, Rete Travertino Piceno, T&D Robotics


28 settembre – 1 ottobre 2016

MARMOMACC Verona, Italy

The Power of Stone exhibition highlights stone materials and artefacts with the aim of demonstrating what can be accomplished today using CNC machines without manual intervention. The exhibition comprises ten exhibition peninsulas with floors and walls clad in slabs of marble and natural stone. The centre of each area has work processed individually with a specific type of CNC machine: bridge saw, water jet and wire cutting machine.

The development of these challenging works was accomplished by teams of Italian companies including producers of software, tools and machines, quarrying companies and processing workshops thanks to the enthusiasm of skilled technicians and far-sighted entrepreneurs.