design Raffaello Galiotto

Consorzio Marmisti Chiampo


Abitare il tempo Verona,

18-22 september 2008

Marmomacc Verona,

2-5 october 2008


october 2008

Loggia del Capitaniato


6 december 2008 – 6 january 2009

Palazzo municipale

Chiampo (VI),

6 april – 6 may 2009


Harrogate Inghilterra,

17-22 june 2009

Ströhmann Steinkult

Francoforte Germania,

9 february – 31 march 2012

Villa Venier Contarini

Vicenza, september 2012

Event to celebrate the quincentenary of the birth of this great architect, Andrea Palladio and show the high level of professionalism of the workmanship in the Chiampo area connected with working with stone.

What is the relationship between Palladio and stone design? To try to give an answer to this question I did a research. In what I would say a surprising way emerged a recurrent geometric profile from the comparative study of the works and drawings.

I thereafter designed the objects of this exhibition on this profile and even if in a flattened or simplified shape one can find that it is always present.