design Raffaello Galiotto

Consorzio Marmisti Chiampo


Abitare il tempo

Verona, 17-21 settembre 2009


Verona, 30 settembre – 3 ottobre 2009

“The conversation between Kublai Kan and Marco Polo in “Le Città Invisibili” by Italo Calvino comes to mind: “Why do you speak to me about stones?” says Kublai Kan, “I only care about the arch”. Polo replies: “Without stones there is no arch”. To put it in another way: without stones, Venice would not be.”

“Interpreting the hidden suggestions in the marble of the Palazzo Ducale, and working with the best kind of marble himself, Galiotto – and the marble workers of the Valle del Chiampo – have created contemporary objects and environments of very high artistic quality (but that are still functional and reproducible) aimed at hospitality and welcome.

If, in their deepest sense, these objects and these environments carry a hidden memory of the Palazzo Ducale, their “destination” echoes an historic role – very much present today – of Venice as a city of welcoming, a “door” between the East and the West, a place of meeting and of dialogue between people, cultures, religions”.

Massimo Cacciari  –  Mayor of Venice

“I Marmi del Doge. Design e ospitalità”