Macchine Virtuose

curatore e designer
Raffaello Galiotto



ADI tools, Ca’ D’Oro, Ddx, Denver, Diamut, Digma, Donatoni Macchine, Gmm, Gruppo Tosco Marmi, Ilpa Adesivi, Industrie Montanari, Intermac, Licom Systems – Alphacam, Margraf, Mondo Marmo Design, Pellegrini Meccanica, Prussiani Engineering, Santa Margherita, T&D Robotics, Testi Group, Tyrolit Vincent, Vicentina Marmi


aziende partner

Agape, Atipico, Metalco, Seguso Gianni


27 – 30 settembre 2017


Continuing the research launched by Marmomac into the potential of stone processing machinery, this exhibition aims to highlight the production and technical mastery of companies involved with materials, processing and technology engaged to develop a design product. For this purpose, a sector company at times may be paired with a design company to finalise a product.
The exhibition comprises of a series of installations developed with entirely Italian technology around a concept defined by curator. It consequently ensures further evolution of previous editions by uplifting the objective from simply demonstrating the potential of new machinery to highlight full-scale applications with products of a commercial nature.